How do you fix a wicker rattan chair?

How do you fix a wicker chair?

Wicker furniture can be great for use around the home or even outdoors – there’s nothing that really lends that “at home” feeling to a wicker chair. After all, you don’t exactly see a lot of wicker chairs around the office. If your wicker chair is broken, however, you don’t want to lose what might be one in a set. That’s why it will be important to understand how to fix a wicker chair when the need arises.

First, be aware of what can cause wicker chair damage in the first place.

Having your wicker chairs outside is fine, but remember that rain and wind damage might not always be very generous to the chair. Some amount of humidity is actually good for the wicker, helping prevent the wicker from drying out. But if there’s a storm, you might want to take your wicker indoors. Don’t be too concerned about leaving wicker furniture out when there’s a high-pressure system moving through.

As with many things, the first stage to understanding wicker chair maintenance doesn’t repair; it’s prevention.

It will be good to occasionally dust your wicker chair, and even wiping it down with a damp cloth from time to time can help. Just make sure not to sit in your wicker chair when it’s wet, such as after rain: the moisture and the weight can cause the wicker to dry out in a new mold. Needless to say, that’s not exactly what you want.

Being able to repair your wicker chair will probably depend on the amount (and type) of damage that’s been done to it.

For example, if it is too moist because of rain and someone sits on it, leaving it looking warped, you might actually want to see if you can re-moisten the wicker and re-set it, allowing it to dry in a condition close to its original setting. The problems that can come as a result of wet wicker give you an extra reason to avoid letting it sit out in the rain, so try to keep your wicker furniture set where water can’t get to it.

Remember: moderate amounts of humidity should be fine, but spraying water on your wicker isn’t a good idea.

If your wicker chair is still warped after your attempts to fix it, you might simply have to replace it. If you have a lot of wicker furniture in your set, you can either live with the loss or try to find the manufacturer and see if you can order its replacement.

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