How do you fix a broken refrigerator handle?

How do you fix a broken refrigerator handle?

Around the house, the refrigerator is probably one of the appliances we take most for granted. It keeps our food fresh for days, keeps liquids cool, and the freezer can store foods for months. If you have a broken refrigerator handle, you’ve already experienced what it’s like when this appliance doesn’t work like it usually does.

You probably have one thought: “I need to get this fixed immediately!” Though the handle breaking can be a minor inconvenience, it’s something you’ll want to take care of.

Here’s how to fix a broken refrigerator handle yourself.

Fortunately, repairing a refrigerator handle is an easy thing. Why’s that? Because the simplest way to do it is simply to replace the door handle itself. And in order to accomplish this, you’ll follow a few simple steps.

First, you’ll want to get rid of the old door handle.

Presumably, you’ve left this handle on. Identify the areas on the handle that are attached to the refrigerator via screws, and then loosen the screws. Make sure to keep those screws in case you need to use them with your new refrigerator handle. Even if you buy the exact model of refrigerator handle from the manufacturer, there’s no guarantee that they’ll include the right screws you need. Rather than go through the trouble of finding new ones, simply save the old ones! (This is unless, of course, the screws were the problem in the first place).

Next, it’s time to install the new handle.

Line it up with the matching holes and twist in the top screw – this will allow the refrigerator handle to hang. Don’t necessarily tighten this screw right away, as you’ll want some flexibility for later. Next, twist the bottom screw too near tightness with some flexibility. Now, use the flexibility of the new handle’s position to align it correctly with the refrigerator. Tighten the top screw and then the bottom one. Voila!

The handles on a fridge are made to be strong, but after being used a lot, they can break. If the handle on your fridge door is broken, you should replace it with a genuine spare part. You won’t need any help from a professional, and it will only take a few minutes.

Oftentimes, repairs like this can be as simple as going online and ordering the right parts. Some manufacturers will even replace broken parts for free – some will do this while requiring that you send them the old part. In either case, make sure to explore your options and take care of this right away: don’t let your house deteriorate. You never know when a guest might show up unexpectedly and try to open your refrigerator.

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