How do I stop my dishwasher from making noise?

How do I stop my dishwasher from making noise?

You don’t feel like doing the dishes when you have a noisy dishwasher. After all, doing the dishes alone isn’t the most entertaining home maintenance in the world. The prospect of adding noise to the equation when you’re trying to watch the game on TV or hear your favorite television show makes the idea even less appealing. That’s why you’ll want to fix your noisy dishwasher as soon as possible – so you can return to quiet evenings after a rough day at work.

Of course, to fix your noisy dishwasher, you’ll have to know what’s causing the noise in the first place. This is where most of the work in fixing the noise will occur. First, try to find your dishwasher’s owner manual: if it gives any warnings against improper dish loading that you’ve been violating, the reason for the noisy dishwasher might simply be human error. Oops! Do the dishes right next time; hopefully, the noise will subside.

It’s not always human error, however. You’d have to inspect the dishwasher if the problem wasn’t you. The first place to look? The pump is at the bottom of the dishwasher. Ensure it’s not clogged with debris such as stuck silverware, food, or uneaten seeds. This pump should be perfectly clean.

If that’s not the problem, you might want to ensure that your dishwasher is level. If your dishwasher sits on “feet,” you should be able to adjust them manually. Use a level to check that it is not leaning forward/backwards or to any particular side.

If none of these fixes has made the noise go away, there’s a possibility that your inlet valve is the source of the issues. The inlet valve is not easy to replace, but you’ll probably want it replaced if you want to eliminate the noise. If you’re out of answers, call in a repairman who will know what makes your dishwasher so noisy and ask about the possibility of replacing the inlet valve. This could be the source of your noise, but it’s not an easy challenge to take on yourself.

Ensure you keep your dishwasher clean, regularly cleaning it out of debris and gunk. Even though the dishwasher seems like a self-cleaning machine, you’ll want to check how clean it really is from time to time.

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