Basic cookware cleaning tips

Basic cookware cleaning tips

Let’s face it – after a good meal and all of the preparation that went into it, the last thing you want to do is clean out some scrubby-looking pans. But, like it or not, you’re stuck with them. That’s why you’ll want to find some quick, no-nonsense tips for cleaning your pans to help you finish the process and move on with your night.

Here are some tips for cleaning pots and pants:

Remember: water is the universal solvent.

If you don’t want to clean out a pan immediately but don’t necessarily want to let the caked-on food dry out and become hard, try filling it up with a good amount of water. Soaking the pan in water isn’t the most attractive solution, but it will make it easier for you later on when the food comes off much more easily.

Water is considered the universal solvent in chemistry, and you should use that bit of scientific knowledge to good use. One tip: don’t use water and soap for this soaking – the water will work fine.

Be mindful of the temperature.

Of course, you don’t necessarily want to add cool water and bring your pot or pan from boiling to room temperature in zero seconds. Instead, give the pots and pans some time to cool off before cleaning them: this will help them remain durable and strong.

Read the directions after you buy some cookware.

Like it or not, the directions are there to help – they can make you aware of any individual needs these pots or pans might have. So if certain cookware items don’t respond to different types of cleaning, you can save yourself the trouble by reading the instructions right after buying a new pot or pan.

Buy reusable towels, rags, and cleaners.

If you’re going to be cleaning out your cookware regularly, you’ll want to do the cleaning with something you can reuse, as well. Paper towels can be great around the kitchen, but you constantly need to re-stock your supply.

You can instead use an old rag to do a lot of your wiping and simply throw it in the laundry from time to time to keep it fresh and clean.

Save room in your dishwasher.

Some of your cookware will go well in the dishwasher – remember, check your directions first – and you can use an empty dishwasher to your advantage simply by throwing in a couple of your pots and pans. This isn’t always ideal, but it will help you to clean up the pots and pans without working too hard after a long day.

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